Energy, Resource and Sustainable Development

The integrated energy, environment and economy issues facing China are challenges to the world, including China herself.

Energy Environment Economy Institute in Tsinghua University (Tsinghua 3E) has developed an integrated approach for China's energy, environment and economy issues. The main components of the integrated approach are 3E Problem Solving Process and 3E Tools.

Based on 3E Tools, 3E Problem Solving Process has been successfully applied to energy-environment-economy issues in China and other countries in similar situations. Some examples of the application are: providing advice and technical support to China's policy-makers on climate change mitigation policies and international negotiations under the UNFCCC, and addressing China's long-term energy strategy, rural energy development, sustainable urban energy planning, and the chronic water shortage and the increasing environmental degradation in the Tarim River Basin.

The integrated approach provides Tsinghua 3E a platform for its international cooperation. Its application has been credited with many national awards.