Integrated Energy-Environment-Economy Analysis

INET’s integrated energy-environment-economy analysis group is the major implementing arm of the university-wide initiative for systematic analysis of strategies and policies for China’s sustainable energy transformation and climate mitigation from an integrated perspective of energy, environment, and economy. Two researchers of the group have served as the lead authors of the IPCC assessment, and share Nobel Prize for the work on IPCC. The group has ever assisted the Congress and NDRC in drafting China Renewable Energy Law and China Climate Change Policy White Paper, respectively. The group has also deeply involved in the research of China Energy Strategy and China Energy-related Scientific and Technology Strategy organized by National Energy Administration and Ministry of Science and Technology, respectively. The group has been responsible for the edition of the volume of Mitigation of China National Climate Change Assessment Report. The group has been awarded the National Prize for Science and Technology Progress for their energy and climate policy analysis work.