Senior Research Scientist of Management Science and Engineering

Master’s adviser

(+86 10) 6279-4098

Education background

PhD, Tsinghua University, Management Science and Engineering, 2003

M.S., Dalian University of Technology, Applied Mathematics, 1999

B.C., Shandong University, Operation Research, 1996


08/2011-present, Senior Research Scientist, Division of Energy System Analysis, INET

06/2003-08/2011, Research Scientist, Division of Energy System Analysis, INET

Social service


Model tools and case studies


Journal Reviewer

Applied Energy

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

Journal of Environmental Management

Energy for sustainable development

Environmental research and public health

Journal of Cleaner Production

Advances in Climate Change Research

China Population, Resources and Environment (by Chinses)

China Environmental Scienceby Chinese

Climate Change Research (by Chinese)

Service to Professional Associations

Climate Change Branch, Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, committee member

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

GU Alun got her Ph. D. degree in School of Public Policy and Management in Tsinghua University in 2003 and now is the associate professor of the Institute of Energy, Environment and Economy after graduation. She has been engaged in researches on energy optimization and system analysis, climate change policy and international trade, carbon cost pass through impact analysis, carbon market mechanism and renewable energy policy aligning, local low carbon development and plan. She has led or participated more than 30 key projects sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Science Technology 12th five year support project, National Development and Reform Commission Low Carbon Development Strategy, Energy Foundation, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Environmental Protection. She also participate some Sino-Japan capacity building projects related CDM and energy efficiency. She is the lead author of Chapter in Third and Fourth Chinas National Assessment Report on Climate Change.

Research Status


China-UK climate risk assessment


The Development and Prospect of national renewable Energy under the Belt and Road Initiative


Theoretical research on national strategies for actively responding to climate change


China's low-carbon development strategy by 2050


Study on optimization and cooperative management of the Relationship between energy and water


Food, Energy and Water Systems linkages and Sustainability research


Study on alternative environmental benefit methods for shale gas development


Special Report on Climate Change Risk Research


Development of comprehensive assessment models for climate change impact assessment


China's Greenhouse Gas Inventory


Research on evaluation method of water saving synergetic benefit of energy saving Policy


Study on the peak of greenhouse gas emission in China

China's roadmap for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

Honors And Awards

A Study on low-carbon Development Path and Pilot Construction of Beijing - A Study on low-carbon Development Path of Beijing, Soft Science Research of National Energy Administration in 2012, the third prize

Research on key technologies of Carbon market in China and demonstration of carbon emission trading in Chongqing, Chongqing Science and Technology Award, 2017

Academic Achievement


MENG Xiangyu, GU Alun, WU Xinguo, LIU Bin, HE Chaohui, MAO Zongqiang. Review of China's hydrogen industry policy and scientific and technological development hotspots in 2019. Science & Technology Review, 2020,38(03):172-183. (in Chinese)

Gu A , Zhou X . Emission reduction effects of the green energy investment projects of China in belt and road initiative countries. Ecosystem Health and Sustainability, 2020

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