Senior Research Scientist

Institute of Energy, Environment and Economy

(+86 10) 6278-4829

Education background

PhD, Tsinghua University, Dep. of Chem. Eng., 2009
B.S., Tsinghua University, Dep. of Chem. Eng., 2004


12/2015-present, Associate Professor, Institute of Energy, Environment and Economy, INET
08/2009-12/2015, Assistant professor, Institute of Energy, Environment and Economy, INET

Social service

Service to Professional Associations

Researcher, Research Center for Contemporary Management of Tsinghua University in China.
Deputy Director, China Carbon Market Center (CCMC)

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

Prof. Zhous research interests are in the areas of key technologies and national policies related to climate change and energy issues, etc.
Her research results are recognized by other experts, and she was invited to be an author for Global Energy Assessment (GEA) report, National Assessment Report of Climate Change, China's national assessment report on climate change and so on.
Some of the results were adopted as important technical support for national policy making, like provincial carbon emission intensity control target and national carbon market design. And she is invited as an expert to participate Annual obligation trial assessment and evaluation work of controlling greenhouse gas emission targets" since 2013, which is organized by the national departments.

Research Status


Study on Greenhouse Gas Control Target and Decomposition Scheme in the 14th Five-Year Plan


Study on the Evaluation and Improvement of Carbon Emission Trading System in China


Green and low carbon economy transformation management and policy


Global stocktaking and NDC ambitions for carbon dioxide emissions mitigation


Forecast method and scenario analysis of Carbon dioxide emission in China


Studies on Coverage, Cap Setting, Allowance Allocation Methods and Supplement Mechanism


Study on Two Affecting Factors of CO2 Reduction for Producing Coal-based Fuel


Guide of Carbon emission targets decomposition


Uncertainty of Pathway and Space under the Global Long-term Carbon Emission Reduction Targets


3E Model Analysis and Impact Assessment Studies of Shenhua Coal Direct Liquefaction


The DCIODS Design and Simulation


Disaggregation and Implementation of GDP Carbon Dioxide Emissions Intensity Target of 40% -45%

Honors And Awards

First prize of Outstanding Achievements of Scientific Research (Humanities and Social Sciences) in Colleges and Universities by Ministry of Education (No. 4), Department of Social Sciences, Ministry of Education

Academic Achievement


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