Senior Research Scientist of nuclear technology and application

Division of Nuclear Technology & Application

(+86 10) 6072-9808

Education background

PhD, Nuclear Power Institute of China, Reactor Engineering and Reactor Safety, 1998
B.S., Nuclear Power Institute of China, Reactor Engineering and Reactor Safety, 1991


01/1999-present, Senior Research Scientist, Division of Nuclear Technology & Application, INET
09/1987-12/1998, Research Scientist, Nuclear Power Institute of China

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

My research interests are in the areas of nuclear technique applications, CT reconstruction, embedded system and DSP software/hardware designing, image recognition, and abnormal diagnosis in NPP, etc..

Nuclear Technology and Application
I have completed the CT image reconstruction of "container (large object) CT detection system" which is a key scientific and technological research project in the 10th Five Year Plan, and independently completed the CT image reconstruction program designing based on convolution back projection reconstruction algorithm. I have completed the design and programming of CT image software of baggage CT inspection system. The experimental results show that satisfactory results can be obtained by using this program, and CT images have relatively high density resolution.
According to the characteristics of different materials with different density, the color of different substances was calibrated. A database system based on the relationship between gray value of CT image and material density was established.
The embedded hardware and software systems based on ARM7 and ARM9 were designed independently. ARM9 realized data communication, digital I/O, network communication and other functions of 8 multi-functional serial ports. The relevant temperature and humidity acquisition program, SMS sending/receiving program were compiled also.
Using uClinux operating system and based on double ARM7 board, the software design of CT data acquisition was completed. Based on TMS320C6701 EVM board, the CT reconstruction program design of DSP assembly language was compiled.

Reactor engineering and reactor safety
The method of positioning the loose parts in NPPs by using neural network technology and the method of estimating the quality of loose parts by using neural network technology and pattern recognition technology were proposed. The mathematical and physical model of the impact characteristics of the loose parts in NPPs was established, and the characteristics of the loose parts in NPPs were described in theory.
The technique of measuring the instantaneous negative temperature coefficient of pulsed reactor using neutron noise and temperature noise was completed.
The research project of physical characteristic model of neutron noise caused by vibration of reactor internal components has been completed. Through the analysis of the neutron noise signal, we can get the modal characteristic parameters, such as the intrinsic frequency, vibration quality, etc.

Academic Achievement



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