Associate Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering

Deputy Head, Division of Magnetic Bearing Technology

(+86 10) 6279-5277

Education background

PhD, Tsinghua University, Materials Science and Engineering, 2011

B.S., Tsinghua University, Mechanical Engineering and Automation, 2005


01/2018-present, Associate Professor, Division of Magnetic Bearing Technology, INET

04/2011-12/2017, Assistant Professor, Division of Magnetic Bearing Technology, INET

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

Dr. Lius research interests are in the areas of Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) structure design, electromagnetic field analysis, rotor dynamics, auxiliary bearing for AMB, helium gas discharge, etc..

Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) structure design

The Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) suspends the rotor by the electromagnetic force. It has advantages of no friction, no lubrication, high speed and controllability. Different AMB structures are designed to meet different industrial requirements. Some novel AMBs are being researched, such as homopolar radial bearing, electromagnetic-permanent magnet hybrid bearing, laminated axial bearing and so on.

Electromagnetic field analysis

The electromagnetic field of the AMB is analyzed to calculate the electromagnetic force, the eddy current loss, the hysteresis loss and so on. The measurement of electromagnetic properties of materials is an important basis of the analysis. Professional measuring equipment and electromagnetic field finite element analysis software are used.

Rotor dynamic

The speed of the AMB rotor is usually very high, sometimes higher than the first bending critical speed. So the calculation of the rotor modal is important for the AMB design. The AMB rotor is complex with interference fit laminations, and its difficult to calculate its critical speed and other modal characteristics. The effects of the interference parameters on the critical speed and on the other modal characteristics are studied.

Auxiliary bearing

Auxiliary bearing will temporarily support the rotor during assembly, overload or power failure. It is an important guarantee for the reliability of the AMB. Rolling bearing is usually used as the auxiliary bearing. It will work under atypical conditions, including rapid acceleration, over speed and heavy load. The impact force on the auxiliary bearing when the rotor drops during power failure, the life of the auxiliary bearing, the motion of the rotor, and the novel auxiliary bearing are studied.

Helium gas discharge

The High Temperature gas cooled Reactor (HTR) use helium gas as coolant. Some electrical instruments used in HTR, including AMB, work in high temperature and high pressure helium gas. The insulation of the helium gas is much weaker than the air under the same conditions. So the study of the helium gas discharge is very important for the insulation design in HTR. The special experimental equipment is stablished, and the breakdown voltage of high temperature (180) and high pressure (7MPa) helium gas in both uniform and non-uniform electric field is studied.

Research Status


Study on the performance of gas-solid composite insulation structure using high temperature and high pressure helium gas as gas medium


Research and Fault Diagnosis of Auxiliary Bearing with no Lubricant on the System of Active Magnetic Bearing


Research on electromagnetic bearing technology for main helium fan

Academic Achievement


You Qi, Mo Ni, Liu Xingnan, Luo Huan, Shi Zhengang*. Experiments on helium breakdown at high pressure and temperature in uniform field and its simulation using COMSOL Multiphysics and FD-FCT. Annals of Nuclear Energy, 2020 (141), 107351.

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Zhao Yulan, Liu Xingnan, Yang Guojun*, Shi Zhengang, Zhao Lei. Dynamic Analysis for the Rotor Drop Process and Its Application to a Horizontal Rotor-Active Magnetic Bearing System in Helium Gas. Journal of Tribology-Transactions of the ASME, 2018, 140(4): SC041704.

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