Associate Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering

Division Head of Reactor Physics, Thermal Hydraulics, and System Simulation

(+86 10) 6278-4826

Education background

PhD, Tsinghua University, Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, 2009
B.S., Tsinghua University, Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, 2004


12/2013-present, Associate Professor, Division of Reactor Physics, Thermal Hydraulics, and System Simulation, INET
08/2009-11/2013, Assistant Professor, Division of Reactor Physics, Thermal Hydraulics, and System Simulation, INET

Social service

Training Lecturer of HTGR technologies (2016- )
Lecturer of World Nuclear University Tsinghua Week (2017- )
Lecturer of International Course
Generation IV, Nuclear reactor systems for the future, INSTN/CEA, France (2018- )
Lecturer of PHD4GEN High-Temperature Reactors Summer School, NCBJ, Poland (2020- )
Co-lecturer of Graduate Course: English Communication and Writing in Nuclear Engineering
Co-lecturer of Graduate Course: Introduction on Nuclear Reactor Engineering

Journal Reviewer
Progress in Nuclear Energy (Outstanding Reviewer)
Annals of Nuclear Energy
Physics of Fluids
Microfluidics and Nanofluidics
Surface Science
Heat Transfer Engineering
Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulations
International Journal of Metallurgy and Metal Physics
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences

Service to Professional Associations
Representative of China, Education and Training Working Group (ETWG), Gen IV International Forum (GIF) (2016- )

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

Prof. Suns research interests are in the areas of new nuclear reactor designs, reactor thermal hydraulics, nuclear reactor simulators, and international cooperation on HTGR.
New nuclear reactor designs
Designs of small scale and multi-purpose nuclear reactors, for space electric power source and space thermal propulsion applications.
Reactor thermal hydraulics
Fundamentals on flow and heat transfer in gas-cooled reactors, reactor thermal hydraulic designs and analyses by CFD codes and system codes, code development for reactor thermal hydraulics.
Nuclear reactor simulators
Code development and modeling of nuclear reactor simulators, design verifications, operating procedure verifications, operating analyses by nuclear reactor simulators.
International cooperation on HTGR
Enhance and promote international cooperation on HTGR by technical training and joint researches.

Research Status

2020-2023, State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense
Megawatt Advanced Space Reactor Design and Key Technology Development
Nuclear reactor technologies based on HTGR could be applied in space explorations by newly designed concept, including reactor core, fuel, power conversion system and electric power distribution system. New algorithms and design tools are necessary. Key technologies need to be validated by experiments and trial manufacturing of prototypes.

2018-2021, National Energy Administration
HTGR Core Design and System Analyses Self-reliant Code Development and Validation

Code development for HTGR 3D reactor neutronics;
Code development for HTGR thermal hydraulics and accident analyses;
Code development for HTGR source term analyses;
Verification and validation of abovementioned new codes.

2018-2021, Ministry of Science and Techonlogy
China-Indonesia Joint Laboratory on HTGR

Mainly targeted on capacity building and joint researches, INET, Tsinghua University, China collaborates with BATAN, Indonesia to establish the Joint Laboratory on HTGR and conducts four tasks, including joint studies and development of modular HTGR technology and its application potentials, joint studies on safety and licensing of modular HTGR technology, joint development of modular HTGR simulation technology, and joint studies on localization potentials.

Honors And Awards

HTGR Physics, Thermal Hydraulics and System Simulation Innovation Team, 2018 China Nuclear Energy Association Science and Technology Award (Innovation Team), China Nuclear Energy Association

Academic Achievement

Jun Sun, Ximing Sun, and Yanhua Zheng*, Transient Study on the HTR-PM with TINTE-vPower Coupling Code Package, Science and Technology of Nuclear Installations, 2020, 5090597.
Yu Ji, Zeguang Li, Jun Sun*, Ersheng You, Minggang Lang, Lei Shi. Numerical Investigation and Parametric Study on Thermal-Hydraulic Characteristics of Particle Bed Reactors for Nuclear Thermal Propulsion, Nuclear Technology, 2020, 206, 1155-1170.
Biao Zhou, Yu Ji, Jun Sun*, Yuliang Sun. Modified Turbulent Prandtl Number Model for Helium
Xenon Gas Mixture with Low Prandtl Number, Nuclear Engineering and Design, 2020, Vol. 366, 110738
Jun Sun*, Zhe Sui, Chunlin Wei. Applications of HTR-PM Engineering Simulator. HTR2020, 10th International Conference on High Temperature Reactor, 2020, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Ziping Liu, Jun Sun*. Preliminary Discussion on the Equivalent Thermal Conductivity Affected by the Inner Heat Source. ATH
2020: International Topical Meeting on Advances in Thermal Hydraulics, 2020, France.
Yu Ji, Ziping Liu, Jun Sun* and Lei Shi. Analysis of the Flow Distribution in a Particle Bed Reactor for Nuclear Thermal Propulsion. Energies, 2019, 12: 3590.
Yu Ji, Han Zhang, Jun Sun*, Lei Shi, Thermal Performance Optimization of a Fuel Element in Particle Bed Reactors for Nuclear Thermal Propulsion, Nuclear Engineering and Design, 2019, 355, 110316.
Ximing Sun, Zhipeng Chen, Jun Sun*, Yuan Liu, Yanhua Zheng, Fu Li, Lei Shi. CFD investigation of bypass flow in HTR-PM. Nuclear Engineering and Design, 2018, 329: 147-155.
Ziping Liu, Zeguang Li, Jun Sun*, Bypass flow in small absorber sphere channels of the high-temperature gas-cooled reactor pebble-bed module, Journal of Computational Multiphase Flows, 2018, 10(3): 128-139.
Ji Yu, Sun Jun*, Shi Lei, Numerical investigation of convective heat transfer to supercritical hydrogen in a straight tube, Journal of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science, Transactions of the ASME, 2018, 4, 031012.

Software Copyright
HTGR Reactor Core Real-time Algorithm, No. 2012SR098790
Reactor Neutronics Real-time Algorithm, No. 2019SR0531334
HTGR Thermal Hydraulics and Accident Analyses Program - Talos, No. 2020SR00012042, 2020SR00012044, 2020SR00095792, 2020SR00098007
Nuclear Thermal Rocket System Analyses Program
PANES, No. 2020SR0585271

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