International Small Nuclear Power Reactor Development Summit Forum, focusing on the frontier technology of small nuclear power reactor

International Nuclear Power Small Reactor Development Summit Forum, focusing on cutting-edge technologies of small reactors The International Nuclear Power Small Reactor Development Summit Forum (ISMRF2015) will be held in Shanghai from December 2nd to 3rd, 2015. This conference is hosted by the Shanghai Nuclear Power Office and undertaken by Shanghai Yingzhi Business Consulting Co., Ltd. Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute, China Kehua Nuclear Power Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., China Nuclear New Energy Co., Ltd., Chinese Academy of Atomic Energy, Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University Institute of Nuclear Energy and New Energy Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Applied Physics The institute will attend the meeting as a co-organizer of the conference. The development of nuclear power is an important national energy strategy. With the implementation of CAP1400 and the autonomous technology of Hualong No. 1, China's nuclear power technology is changing from "introduction" to "going out", and China is upgrading from a nuclear power country to a nuclear power country. The multi-purpose small advanced modular reactor ("small reactor" for short) has become an important part of the strategic layout of international nuclear power enterprises due to its high safety, integration, and modularity. In addition to power generation functions, small reactors can also be used for combined heat and power, hydrogen production, desalination and ocean development. At present, the territory of small reactor technologies such as small pressurized water reactors, fast reactors, high temperature gas-cooled reactors and thorium-based molten salt reactors is gradually emerging. The small reactors will become an important force in the application and development of nuclear power in China and usher in a new round of development. Opportunity. In this conference, in-depth discussions will be conducted on the hot spots of Xiaodui's regulations and policies, safety, design standards, technology research and development and progress, equipment and material requirements, new project approval progress and application prospects, and three points will be set according to different technical routes. Venue: small pressurized water reactor, high temperature gas-cooled reactor and fast reactor. The forum will work with domestic and foreign nuclear power regulatory agencies, research and development units, engineering companies, nuclear power owners, research institutes and suppliers to discuss the frontier dynamics of small reactors and promote the diversified development of the nuclear power industry. At the same time, the organizing committee will take this opportunity to promote the development of the nuclear power industry in Shanghai and its surrounding areas, and strengthen the supply-demand connection between enterprises and owners in the specialized field of small reactors.