Workshop on the KTH-THU Dual Master’s Degree Program held on November 11, 2021

On Nov. 16, a workshop was held between KTH and THU professors

on the KTH-THU Dual Master’s Degree Program (DMDP) in Nuclear Energy Related Disciplines. Professors of the two universities exchanged information on their research, courses and facilities to explore further and better cooperation in DMDP. The workshop was cohosted by the Program Directors, Prof. Tong Jiejuan, Deputy Director of INET, THU, and Dr. Jan Dufek, Associate Professor of KTH.

Dr. Tong delivered opening remarks and presented the overview of the education and research in the field of nuclear science and technology at THU, as well as the executive summary of DMDP. Subsequently, Dr. Pavel Kudinov, Head of Nuclear Engineering Division of KTH introduced the research areas and facilities at KTH and Dr. Dufek talked about the courses and tutors at KTH. Some other professors of the universities also attended the workshop and gave brief introduction of their teaching and research fields. In the last session of the workshop, the participants had a free discussion on further cooperation in DMDP and in the future research.

Around 20 professors attended the workshop, including: Prof. Sevostian Bechta, Head of Nuclear Power Safety Division of KTH; Prof. Bo Cederwall, Head of Nuclear Physics Division of KTH; Drs. LI Xiaowei, LIU Malin, WEI Chunlin, and YU Ganglin, associate professors of THU, etc..

In Oct. 2014, the Cooperation Agreement (CA) of DMDP in Nuclear Energy Related Disciplines was signed between KTH and THU. The first batch of the participating students (PS) were selected in 2016. In July 2018, the Agreement Addendum to extend the CA was signed and will be effective until July 2023. Up to now, more than 30 students from both universities have attended the program and all of them have graduated and got dual master’s degrees. 

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