WNU-THU Week 2020 was held in INET on August 3-5, 2020

The World Nuclear University-Tsinghua University Week 2020 (WNU-THU Week 2020) was held from 3-5, August 2020, with the theme of the World Nuclear Industry Today. Affected by COVID-19, the event had to be held online. This is the first time that the WNU-THU Week has been held online, using the platforms of Zoom (main online meeting room) and Cymo (live stream side meeting room). 

Fourteen experts from home and abroad delivered lectures on topics covering development policies of energy and nuclear energy, development of advanced reactor technology, nuclear standardization and industrialization, radioprotection, nuclear safety, security & safeguards, mitigation of severe nuclear accidents, economics of nuclear project structuring, nuclear waste management, etc.. The overall arrangement of the course is similar to that of previous years, except two new lectures on the progress of HPR1000 project and China's small reactor R&D. The organizer also invited the winner of last year’s World Nuclear University Nuclear Olympiad Competition to share experiences (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics).

Around 1173 students from more than 20 universities registered at the WNU-THU Week, including dozens of international students (the actual number of sign-in was up to 1184). The proportions of undergraduates, masters and doctoral students participating in the course are approximately 69%, 27% and 4%, respectively. This is the largest number of participants since the launch of the WNU-THU Week. The number is almost 10 times that of previous years, which has been a great surprise.