Research divisions

Office of Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Division (QAD) was founded in 1986 according to the requirement of HAF003.

There are five nuclear-related projects in INET, Tsinghua University. They are the Shield Test Reactor, the 5MW Test Nuclear Heating Reactor(THR), the 10 MW Test High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor(HTR-10), the 200 MW High Temperature modular pebble bed reactor project (HTR-PM), the Fuel Element Laboratory of 10 MW Test High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor. During the design, construction. manufacturing, commissioning and operation process of the above projects, QAD is responsible for

(a) Ensuring that an appropriate quality assurance programme is established and effectively executed, and

(b) Verifying that activities have been correctly performed, and

(c) identifying quality problems: to initiate, recommend or provide solutions, and when necessary, to initiate actions to control further processing, delivery or installation of an item which is non-conforming, deficient or unsatisfactory, until proper disposition has been achieved.

Head of the division:

Dr. WANG Xingyu