Research divisions

Division of Thermal Hydraulics

The division of Thermal Hydraulics is formed since the establishment of INET. A large number of test loops have been set up to develop advanced reactor technology. The Laboratory of Advanced Reactor Engineering and Safety was established by this division with test facilities as an experimental base, which has developed into a first-class laboratory of Tsinghua University since 1992 and key laboratory under the Ministry of Education of China since 2000. It plays an important role in the R&D of the Nuclear Heating Reactor (NHR) and the High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor (HTGR) at INET.

At present, the division’s main R&D fields involve:

  • 1) Water reactor thermal-hydraulics, two-phase flow and flow instability in natural circulation, passive safety system, critical heating flux, start up of NHR, main exchanger and the core assemble, control rod hydraulic driving system, flow noise analysis, nuclear seawater desalination with NHR.

  • 2) Fuel pebble handling system, control rod mechanism, neutron absorber ball shutdown system, steam generator, hot gas duct, helium seal and purification technology, thermal process measurement, hydrogen production by steam reforming with HTGR.

Head of the division:

Prof. BO Hanliang