Research divisions

Division of Resources & Chemical Engineering

Advanced materials, semi-commercial unit of the extraction and purification technology of natural uranium

The division of resource chemistry and chemical engineering was formed by merging the applied chemistry and technology division and the green chemistry and technology division in October, 2008. In areas of resources and chemical engineering, the division has undertaken and completed dozens of national projects, and some cooperative projects with enterprises, with more than 10 national patents.

The main research activities are listed below:

●Study on the resource recycling of the advanced battery materials, such as lithium ion battery, Ni-MH battery, Ni-Cd battery, lead acid battery, PCB printing circuit board and other electronic waste resources.

●Development of new reagents, technology and materials for nonferrous metal resources’ recirculation including the extraction and purification technology of natural uranium, realization of one step synthesis of high efficient extractant, researches on special micro-nano powders, environmental functional materials, sensing materials.

● Recycling and utilization of oil and gas resources. The research on the cooled absorption, oxidation and lithium bromide refrigeration technology has been conducted to recycle the volatile hydrocarbon gases emitted during loading and unloading the oil.

● The utilization of the salt lake resources, such as the dehydration technology of bischofite. A new technology for bischofite dehydration has been developed. Small scale industrialization of the new approach has been attempted, and the process flow has been optimized.

● The development of the technology of the Liquid-solid waste resource utilization. The low density of organic matters was recycled through the extraction-distillation combination technology. The fluidization technology was also developed for production of oil by thermally decomposing the waste plastic containingchlorine and, at the same time, converting the released HCl into high value added product of Cl2.

Head of the division:

Prof. YANG Mingde