Research divisions

Division of Power Electronics

The Division consists of a Factory (Power Electronics Factory, Tsinghua University) and a Lab (Power Electronics Lab). The research field of the Lab comprises high power semiconductors technology, intelligent SCR modules technology and induction heating power supplies technology. The current research work is focused on the design, manufacture and simulation technology of power semiconductors, and the automation and intelligence technology of the power supplies. The products of the factory include KA Series High-frequency Thyristors, KK Series Fast Switching Thyristors, KP series Phase Control Thyristors, ZK Series Fast Diodes, ZP Series Diodes, Modules of Thyristor, Rectifier and Mixtures, Single-phase Bridge Modules and Tri-phase Bridge Modules, Solid State Relay, Intelligent Modules of SCR, KGPS Series Medium-frequency Induction Heating Power Units, IPS Series Medium-frequency, High-frequency Induction Heating Power Units, and Soft Starters for AC Motors. Certification of ISO9001 was awarded in 2001.

Head of the division:

Dr. ZHOU Weisong