Research divisions

Division of Nuclear Technology & Application

The division is mainly engaged in the fields of nuclear electronics & detection, radiation imaging & non-destructive CT testing, industrial nuclear control & nuclear analysis.

The division is also involved in the research on non-destructive inspection which covers neutron radiography, x/γ-ray radiation imaging, industrial CT defect inspection and large container inspection technology. The advanced Cobalt-60 Container Inspection System was developed by this division with no previous example in the world but with the advantages of safety and cost-effectiveness. The inspection system consists of several series, such as the fixed, the relocatable, the vehicle mobile and the railway dedicated, etc.. Many sets of the inspection system have been installed and employed at customs ports and quays both in China and abroad. The world’s first60Co Container/Cargo Inspection System and the first luggage DR/CT inspection system were also developed by this division.

Industrial nuclear control systems designed by this division have been widely applied, which involve nuclear instruments including the nuclear weight scale, the x/γ-ray thickness gauge, the coal ash gauge, the moisture gauge, etc., and the large-scale nuclear measurement and control facilities like the board convexity measurement and control system, etc.. Nuclear analysis is mainly carried out in the area of the multiple digital composition analysis.

Head of the division:

Prof.CONG Peng