Research divisions

Division of Nuclear Safety & Environment

The division's major research activities are involved with safety analysis and assessment of nuclear energy system, focusing on development of methodology and tools for the following fields:

1) Radiation protection;

2) Probabilistic safety analysis (PSA);

3 Radiological consequence assessment;

4) Nuclear emergency planning and Preparedness.

The division currently serves as the Technical Support Center for Nuclear Emergency Decision of the National Nuclear Emergency Response Office (NNERO).

The division keeps ahead in PSA field in China. It is also the technical support center for PSA related activities of the National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA), responsible for the review of nuclear power plant PSA reports, development of PSA-related regulatory guides and codes.

The division has close cooperation withInternational Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) and other academies in Europe, America, Japan and Korea.

Head of the division:

Prof. CAO Jianzhu