Research divisions

Division of New Energy & Material Chemistry

Reactor for controlled crystallization

Spherical cathode material for Li-ion battery

Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell

Direct Methanol Fuel Cell

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

Research work on Nickel-MH batteries, Lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells has been carried out since 1994 in this division. The development of spherical Ni(OH)2, a cathode material for Nickel-MH batteries, was completed in 1995. The R&D activities of laboratory are mainly focused on the engineering and engineering fundamentals of advanced materials, core components and system integration in the areas of fuel cells and lithium ion batteries, which can be used as portable and stationary power sources, due to their high energy density, long lifetime, environmental benign. A fruits of achievements on fuel cell and lithium ion battery materials have been acquired.

The Research fields conducted in the laboratory comprise fuel cell, hydrogen energy, lithium ion batteries and Electrochemical Capacitor detailed as below:

• 1) Fuel cell stack; Fuel cell bipolar plate; Diagnosis and control of system

• 2) Advanced electrode and electrolyte materials;

• 3) Design and integration of stacks and power generation systems

• 4) Modeling calculation and computer simulation of fuel cell and lithium ion batter

• 5) Direct methanol fuel cells(DMFCs)

• 6) Nano materials for energy conversion and storage

• 7) Oxide cathode materials and Alloy anode materials for lithium ion batteries

Head of the division:

Dr. HE Xiangming