Research divisions

Division of NHR Project

This division carries out the research of development and application of low-temperature reactor, the project of seawater desalt using nuclear energy and advanced reactor technology. Also the division is in charge of the general design and optimization, design coordination and design management of low-temperature reactor.

The low-temperature heat-supply reactor uses nuclear energy instead of coal burning to supply heat. It is a kind of new reactor. 5MW low-temperature heat-supply reactor began to operate at 1989, which is developed and built by INET. It is the first “integrative, full-power nature circle” reactor operating of the world. The reactor adopts a series of advanced technology including integrative distributing, self pressure stabilization, full-power nature circle, new hydraulic-driving control rods, passive residual heat removing and so on.

The division has accomplished the primary design and primary safety analysis report of 200MW low-temperature heat-supply reactor project, and the feasible research of the nuclear energy seawater desalt plant using low-temperature reactor.

Head of the division:

Prof. HAO Wentao