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Division of Magnetic Bearing Technology

A publication on the magnetic bearing

160kW helium circulator test rig

3.5 tons rotor test rig

Flexible rotor test-rig

Magnetic Bearing Technology Division was established in Feb, 2008. Its predecessor is magnetic bearing laboratory, which was first set up in 2004. The main objectives of the division commits to the HTR-10GT helium turbine generator electromagnetic bearings, as well as the electromagnetic bearing helium circulator of high temperature gas cooled commercial demonstration reactor power plant.

The ongoing technology researches include:

1)Magnetic bearings Standardization

2)Mechanical structure design optimization

3)Complex dynamics of the rotor systems

4)Flexible rotor bending over critical

5)Miniature Magnetic Bearings

6)Large clearance nonlinear control

7)Magnetic bearings robust control

8)Precision integration inductive displacement sensor developed 9)Multi-level power amplifier

10)High Temperature Magnetic Bearings

11)Auxiliary bearings Experimental Analysis and Research.

A 3.5 tons full-size generator rotor experimental platform, a high temperature (450℃) magnetic bearing device, and a 160kW helium circulatorhave been set up and numbers of principles and engineering tests have been done.

The Magnetic Bearings Technology Division is the leading research institution in China. It has been always maintaining a wide range of academic exchange relations with domestic institutions and hope to perform more cooperation and exchanges with magnetic bearings research institutions worldwide.

Head of the division:

Prof. SHI Zhengang