Research divisions

Division of HTR-PM Project

This division is in charge of the general design, design coordination and design management of High-Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor (HTR) project in INET. With the success in the 10MW High-temperature Gas-cooled Test Reactor (HTR-10), 200MW High-temperature Gas-cooled Reactor —— Pebble-bed Module (HTR-PM) project is currently under design phase coordinated by this division.

High-temperature Gas-cooled Reactor (HTR), with the prominent strong points of good safety characteristic, can generate electricity in high efficiency and hydrogen, and it also can be used for many kinds of process heat applications. HTR has reserved broad recognition and emphasized development both from domestic and international society. Chinese government supports the development of HTR power plant in long term as one of national key science and technology programs.

Approved by central government in 1992, HTR-10 project started its construction in 1995 and reached its criticality in 2000. Being the only pebble-bed modular HTR operating in the world, HTR-10 provides technology basis and test bed for the future development of HTGR in China, as well as worldwide.

Based on the successful experience and technology of HTR-10 project in the areas such as design, construction, safety assessment, commissioning, operation, fuel element fabrication, HTR-PM concept design started in the year of 2002. Later then in 2004, the standard design based on enveloping site parameter started. The first concrete of the demonstration plant will be poured in September 2009, and the construction is planned to complete around 2013. Based on the safety concept of modular high-temperature gas-cooled reactor, HTR-PM is featured as the pebble-bed cylindrical core, mature steam turbine, proven technology and independent intellectual property.

Research Fields in this division are based on Reactor Physics, Thermohydraulics, Safety Analysis, Structure, Instrumentation and Control, focusing on:

  • 1) HTR overall scheme and system

  • 2) HTR safety concept

  • 3) Innovative new reactor type

  • 4) Process heat application based on HTR

Head of the division:

Prof.WANG Haitao