Research divisions

Division of HTR-10GT Project


3D helium compressors

Aiming at combining direct helium gas turbine with HTR-10, the Division of HTR-10GT Project is mainly engaged in the research and development of key equipments and technologies for Power Conversion Unit (PCU) of HTR-10GT. The design of PCU integrates many advanced technologies, such as helium compressor and turbine, active magnetic bearing, compact heat exchanger. And different disciplines are involved in the design and development of HTG-10GT, including thermal engineering, mechanical engineering, fluid mechanics, rotor dynamics, electromagnetics, automatic control, computer science, etc. The Division of HTR-10GT Project is devoted to promote the efficiency of nuclear energy-electricity power conversion. It will be the first test unit of HTGR coupled with direct gas turbine generator in the world, and will offer the key technologies for the advanced development of commercial demonstrated power plants of HTGR-GT.

The main research areas in the Division of HTR-10GT Project focus on analysis and design of power conversion unit as follows:

1) Basic characteristics of helium compressor and turbine

2) Design of helium turbocompressor

3) Heat transfer and pressure drop of compact heat-exchanger

4) Dimensionless analysis of closed Brayton cycle

5) Thermal hydraulic transient analysis of closed Brayton cycle

6) Design and research of integrated PCU

Head of the division:

Prof. WANG Jie