Research divisions

Division of Fine Ceramics

Structural ceramic component

Dye sensitized solar cell panel

Bioceramic materials

The division was established in 1987 as “Beijing High-Tech Lab of Fine Ceramics” supported by Beijing Municipal Commission for Science and Technology. In 1994, it became an important branch of the "State Key Laboratory of New Ceramics and Fine Processing" and in 2001 was approved as the “Beijing Key Lab of Fine Ceramics”.

Main research areas:

* Utrafine ceramic powders

* Ceramic materials for new energy

* Structural ceramics

* Bio- and medical-ceramics

* Functional ceramics

* Nondestructive testing of fine ceramics.

Main research projects:

1. Cost-effective large-sized dye sensitized solar cell;

2. Ceramic materials for nuclear reactors;

3. Ceramic materials and systems for hydrogen production by electrolysis of water vapour at high temperatures coupled to High Temperature Gas-Cooled Nuclear Reactors;

4. Ceramic materials for high density energy storage;

5. Advanced artificial bone materials and ceramic dental materials.

Head of the division:

Prof. LIANG Tongxiang