Research divisions

Division of Environmental Technology

Division of Environmental Technology, established from the very beginning of the foundation of the institute in 1960s. Concentrated on the treatment of radioactive wastes in its early history, the research activities of this division have been broadened to include various aspects of environmental science and engineering, which consists of the following four areas:

(1) Water and wastewater treatment

(2) Air pollution control

(3) Hazardous and radioactive waste management

(4) Radiation technology

The present research work is characterized not only by an intensive exploitation of key environmental issues, but also by an emphasis of the combined solution of environmental protection and new energy development with a recognition of the close relationship between environment and energy. The laboratory also has a wastewater treatment plant, which is used for treating the effluent from the institute campus, with a capacity of 500 m3/d.

The research activities include both fundamental studies and solution-focused projects with significance for application. The division has extensive collaborative links with industry, environmental agencies, and both national and overseas research groups.

Head of the division:

Prof. ZHAO Xuan