Associate Professor

Ph.D. adviser

(+86 10) 89796068

Education background

hD, Tsinghua University, Analytical chemistry, 2013

B.S., Tsinghua University, Chemistry, 2008


12/2017-present, Associate Professor, INET, Tsinghua University

07/2013-11/2017, Assistant Professor, INET, Tsinghua University

Social service


Writing and communication


Journal Reviewer

Editorial board member of Nuclear and Radiochemistry

Youth editorial board member of Chinese Chemical Letters

Reviewer of Analytical Chemistry, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Chemical Engineering Journal and etc..

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

Prof. Lus research interests are in the areas of separation and analysis of radionuclides.

Application of nanomaterials in nuclear fuel cycle

Carbon dots composite materials for the detection and adsorption of radionuclides. Carbon nitride materials for photocatalysis-assist extraction of Uranium. Graphene oxide membranes for the separation of radionuclides in highly acidic waste water.

Microplasma electrochemistry (MIPEC)

Microplasma as a kind of gaseous electrode for electrolysis and in-situ spectrum analysis in molten salt. Microplasma electrochemistry (MIPEC) for rapid synthesis of functional materials, such as polydopamin, carbon dots, MOFs, COFs.

Dry reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel

Corrosion-resistant material for molten salt electrofining. Dry method for decladding. Spectral analysis technique for in-situ monitoring metal ions in molten salt.

Research Status


The application of microplasma electrode in molten salt electrolysis and in-situ analysis


Nanoendoscopy based on Nanoporous gold nanowire for the analysis of specific newly synthesized proteins in single living cell


Aptamer-based plasmonic ruler array for protein identification and protein-protein interaction research

Academic Achievement


Zhe Wang, Hangxi Liu, Zhen Lei, Liqin Huang, Tong Wu, Shuang Liu, Gaoyang Ye*, Yuexiang Lu*, Xiangke Wang*. Graphene aerogel for photocatalysis-assist uranium elimination under visible light and air atmosphere. Chemical Engineering Journal, 2020, 402: 126256.

Guoyu Wei, Yuexiang Lu*, Shuang Liu, Hongpeng Li, Xuegang Liu*, Gang Ye, Jing Chen. Microplasma electrochemistry (MIPEC) strategy for accelerating the synthesis of metal organic frameworks at room temperature. Chinese Chemical Letters, 2020, DOI: 10.1016/j.cclet.2020.04.0191001-8417/ 1-5.

Zhe Wang, Huimin Hu, Liqin Huang, Fanyu Lin, Shuang Liu, Tong Wu, Njud Saleh Alharbi, Samar Omar Rabah, Yuexiang Lu*, Xiangke Wang. Graphene aerogel capsulated precipitants for high eciency and rapid elimination of uranium from water. Chemical Engineering Journal, 2020, 396: 125272.

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