Senior Research Scientist of Nuclear Science and Engineering

Division Head of Magnetic Bearing Technology

(+86 10) 6279-5277

Education background

PhD, Tsinghua University, Nuclear Science and Engineering, 2003
B.S., Tsinghua University, Engineering Physics, 1997


09/2003-present, Senior Research Scientist/Head, Division of Magnetic Bearing Technology, INET

Social service

Service to Professional Associations

Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering,  Member of Academic Advisory Committee
Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, Member of Magnetic Levitation and Gas Suspension Technology Committee

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

Prof. Shis research interests are in the areas of Magnetic Bearing Technology and application, including Rotor Dynamics, Power Electronics, Sensors, and the Application of Active Magnetic Bearing.

Research Status

2019-present, National Science and Technology Major Project
The key technologies localization of Active Magnetic Bearing in HTR-PM

Honors And Awards

2014 Chinese University Major National Science and Technology Progress Award, Ministry of Education

Academic Achievement


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Shi Zhengang. A method and sensor for synchronous measurement of radial and axial displacement of rotating shaft and its sensor. 200610064940.2, 20080423

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