- The pebble-bed modular HTR is advancing towards reality -

Preliminary Announcement:

Period: October 27~October 31, 2014

Venue: Weihai, Shandong Province, China

Organizer: Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology (INET), Tsinghua University


This is the sole international conference focused on high-temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR) including heat application technology. Inaugurated in 2002 by the European High Temperature Reactor Technology Network HTR-TN at Petten, the Netherlands, successive meetings were held in Asia (Beijing, China, 2004), Africa (Johannesburg, South Africa, 2006), North America (Washington DC, USA, 2008), Europe (Prague, Czech Republic, 2010), and Asia (Tokyo, Japan, 2012). The attendees included experts from research and industry and decision makers of interest including utilities, user industries, nuclear venders and governments.
HTR2014 aims to accelerate research and development on HTGR and heat application technologies, and make practical use of HTGR systems, through discussing and exchanging on the latest results and information on the above technologies and user requests as well as future perspectives and plans.

HTR-PM (High Temperature Reactor-Pebble-bed Module)

HTR-PM, consisting of two 250 MWth reactor-steam generator modules and one steam turbine-generator set, is a 200 MWe industrial demonstration nuclear power plant of the modular pebble-bed high temperature gas-cooled reactor. The plant is located at Shidao Bay, Weihai, China, which is close to the conference venue. The first concrete of HTR-PM was poured in December 2012.
HTR-PM is a key project listed in the national long-term science & technology development program of China. With the successful construction and operation and safety tests of HTR-10, the robust safety features of modular pebble-bed reactors have been well demonstrated and recognized. The demand for nuclear power and safety has been pushing the further development of HTGR technology in China.
Technical tour will be arranged to the HTR-PM construction site during HTR2014.

HTR-PM Demonstration Plant

HTR-PM Construction Site


Weihai, a well- known port and tourist city in China, lies on the eastern tip of Shandong Peninsula, about one hour flight from Beijing or Seoul. It has a population of about 2,450,000. It is the first city that won the award of human settlements in China. In Weihai, there are many places of interest, such as Liugong Island, an ancient island which has a long history and beautiful landscape, Huancui Park and so on. They keep attracting tourists from all over the world. As a coastal city, Weihai is also famous for its delicious sea food.

Weihai City in Shandong

Beautiful night scenery of Weihai

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